Monday, February 27, 2012

Best. Brownies. EVER.

How I know these are the Best. Brownies. EVER...

  1. They are so good that I have made them 3 times this month.
  2. One of the times I made them, 4 of us ate an entire half pan in one evening.
  3. The third time I made them, this is what the pan looked like after 20 minutes:

The original brownie recipe can be found here
(just make the brownies, not the rest)
and the original frosting recipe can be found here
(just make the frosting, not the rest)  



Katie Chabot said...

Just to clarify (because these look amazing and NEED to be made for my small group), did you skip the cookie dough part of the brownies?

Allison said...

Yep, I just made the brownie part. I also left them in the oven a little longer than she said on the original recipe. They are delicious!

Eric and Carol: said...

Allison, these look awesome! I have a "blog request".... for those of us trying to count calories (ugh) but still needing a chocolate fix, can you come up with a delicious brownie recipe that's healthy? I have tried searching for alternatives: suggestions I saw were using black beans, or using applesauce, and so on... but I stink at baking with normal ingredients so I am afraid to try to create an alternative recipe with odd ingredients.