Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Funny Halloween Story...

On Thursday at school, my 1st graders were lined up in the hallway near the gym, waiting to walk back to the classroom from music. One of the 4th grade classes was waiting to go into the gym for their class. Around Halloween, our PE teacher does some activities with the human body - learning about bones, skeletons, etc... So things are a little bit fun and different. Inside the gym was completely dark, with some spooky noises coming from inside.

All of the sudden, the door nearest to where my class was standing opened and out scurried a black, furry mouse. (Not real, of course, but the kids didn't know.) The 1st graders SCREAMED at the top of their lungs! I didn't even know what was happening until they screamed, but it was hilarious! After all of the screaming, the PE teacher realized that it was not just 4th graders sitting in the hallway, and came out to apologize. I think most of my kids really were pretty scared, although one of the boys informed me that he wasn't scared, he just screamed because everyone else did!

The story continued when, on the way back from lunch, the PE teacher followed me to my classroom. She went inside and started to get something out of a bag. I went in to see, and she pulled this out of her bag...

It's a brownie that looks almost exactly like the mouse that came out to scare us! So funny and so yummy! Happy Halloween!

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