Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Aunt Sal

Every year, my mom bakes cupcakes for me and my aunt on our birthdays (except for last year, when she FORGOT my birthday) and brings them to school to share with the kids and other teachers and whoever else we want. This year for Aunt Sal's birthday, she got me to help her with the cupcakes. I have to admit, we did use a boxed cake mix (but it had boxtops, so at least I felt good about it) but we made the frosting, so that counts for something.

I had some leftovers of the fancy cupcake papers that didn't work the last time, so I decided I would try again. I filled them up pretty full, since they were so short last time. Remember, they looked like this...
So this time, we put them in a baking dish instead of just on the baking sheet. I thought maybe that would help.

But instead of being short and pulling away from the edges, they got super huge and overflowed, like this...
I guess after 2 failures, it's time to throw away the fancy papers, and NEVER buy them again!
Luckily we only did a few in the fancy papers, and the rest turned out great!

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