Saturday, February 12, 2011

Whoopie Pies 2.0

Whoopie!! It's time for more whoopie pies...

This week I pulled out my new whoopie pie recipe book (find it here) to see how I could improve on the boxed mix whoopies from last week. Wow - there are so many great ideas in there! It was hard to choose just one, but in the end, I decided to go with what I guess is the "classic" whoopie pie - chocolate cake with marshmallow filling. Yum!

{Note: I don't really know what the rules are about posting a recipe from an actual book here, so I'm just giving you the general idea. I guess if you want the whole recipe, I'll let you borrow the book. If anyone knows the rules about these things, let me know!}

First I gathered up and mixed together all of my dry ingredients. I was super excited to be using my fair trade cocoa powder again. I also used 1/2 regular white flour and 1/2 whole wheat white flour.

The bowl of dry ingredients got put to the side while I mixed together the brown sugar, butter, and crisco. Yep, crisco. I'm so glad it comes in sticks now (like butter) instead of just in the jar where you have to scoop it out! 

The directions said to mix these together until the mixture was "light and fluffy". Those kinds of directions always confuse me just a little bit, because how am I really supposed to know if it's light or fluffy?
Anyway, here's my (hopefully) "light and fluffy" mixture...

Last step for the pies was to combine all of the dry ingredients with this mixture, then add the wet ingredients.

Since the pies turned out so GIANT last time, I put way less batter into the whoopie pie pan for each one. They really turned out much better. I'm pretty sure this is much more the size they are supposed to be.

While those were baking, I gathered up my ingredients to make the frosting. And since something always has to wrong with these whoopie pies, I discovered that I hadn't bought enough marshmallow fluff for the full recipe. I had gotten the small size jar thinking it would be plenty. It turns out it was too much for a 1/2 recipe, but not enough for the full. So I used the whole jar and just a little bit less of the rest of the ingredients. I also ended up adding a little bit of milk because that marshmallow fluff is really thick and really sticky! The frosting process went somthing like this...

 Last step, put the pies together - just spread some frosting in between two of the pies. Next time I will be sure to make the full frosting recipe because I think lots of frosting is the key to delicious whoopie pies. I also sprinkled some of the edges with red sprinkles. Cute and Tasty!

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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures -- and loved the Woopie pies!