Saturday, April 30, 2011

The One with Spring Cupcakes

Hooray! The sun was finally shining today and it was beautiful outside. Maybe spring is finally on its way around here. Or maybe it's a big trick and next week the weather will be gloomy and rainy again. Either way, the sun today makes it seem like a perfect day to share these spring-y flower cupcakes with you:

Here's all you need to make your own cupcake garden:

Cake Mix and Frosting (w/Box Tops!)
Flower-Shaped Cupcake Tin
Fun Sugar Sprinkles

The real fun in making these is the decorating part. 
I made 2 different types of flowers, with 3 different colors of sprinkles.

For the first kind, start by frosting the whole cupcake in white, then cover it with sprinkles. Next pipe on petals with the white frosting. Finish off the flower with a yellow round disc sprinkle for the center.

For the second kind, start with a white frosted cupcake, then pipe the flower outline just around the edge of the cupcake. Fill in the rest with sprinkles, leaving the middle free for a yellow disc sprinkle.

Enjoy your cupcakes and keep your fingers crossed that spring is really here!

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