Sunday, June 26, 2011

Banana Cake Balls

The other day I found these recipes/ideas in my notebook:

Hmm...cream cheese, bananas, and chocolate in a tasty cake ball bite...sounds good to me!
I gathered up my ingredients, made the cake - which I have to say turned out fabulous - and frosting, then made some delicious cake balls.

I also learned a new trick for making the bottoms of the cake balls smooth and nice-looking, without all the drips around the edges.

While the chocolate is still wet, run a toothpick around the bottom edge. When it dries, pick up the cake ball and the chocolate around the edges will separate and you will have a nice clean edge!

Nice and Neat!


Coni said...

these look yummy and sound super...

Coni said...

these look yummy and sound delicious