Monday, June 27, 2011

New Mixer!

Happy Birthday To ME!! Just look at my beautiful birthday present:

Why are there 3 different (but identical) mixers?

Here's the story...

When I opened the first mixer, I noticed a small scratch on the top. It was small, but definitely there. And since these mixers don't come cheap, it seemed silly to keep one in less than perfect condition. So my mom and I boxed it back up and hauled it back to the store. Then, since they don't sell the pretty colors in the store, we ordered a new one. A little inconvenient, but not a big deal.

Until... the second new mixer arrived. I opened it up, excited to start whipping up tasty treats, and...noticed a scratch on top. What are the odds? And what to do now? Just keep it, as is, or order another new mixer? Well, since I am a little OCD about things, we packed it up again, dragged it back to the store and ordered another one! Definitely a pain in the neck, and super disappointing.

Until... the third mixer arrived. In perfect condition! Hooray! Let the baking begin!! 

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