Thursday, June 7, 2012

Strawberry/Vanilla "Frozen Yogurt"

Guess what I found in the fridge today?

If you guessed "un-opened, about-to-expire Greek yogurt and almost-over-ripe, a little bit mushy strawberries", then you win!

I decided to try to salvage these treats {how sad to throw away a full container of Chobani - that stuff is NOT cheap} with a little Pinterest-inspired made-up recipe. 

Actually not so much a recipe as " you think it will work out if I just mix the yogurt and strawberries together and throw it in the freezer, then eat it later?"

And so, I bring you, Strawberry/Vanilla Frozen Greek Yogurt Cups...

I know, I am impressing you with my creativity right now.

Since I literally just threw it in the freezer,
I don't know exactly how it will taste/turn out.

Stay tuned for the results...kind of like American Idol...results show on a different night...

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