Sunday, November 18, 2012

French Night

Oh Paris, with your Eiffel Tower and sparkling city lights.
Really, don't we all wish we were on a plane to Paris right now?
Since that's not possible for most of us, the next best thing just might be making crepes and pretending you are there.
After my family visited Paris a few years ago, we were all obsessed with crepes. They were so delicious and the crepe guys on the street made it look so easy. We wanted to recreate the crepe experience at home, so my aunt went out and bought a pretty legit crepe maker. We made them a few times, but then kind of forgot about our obsession. Fast forward to last Christmas break, when I was lucky enough to go to Paris again with some friends from work. Of course our trip wouldn't have been complete without eating at least one crepe a day while we were there. Lately we've been wishing we were back in Paris, so we decided to have our own French night. I dug out the crepe maker and we got to work...
Our first attempts, not so great.

But after that, I think we looked a lot like these guys.
What do you think?

Tres Delicious!

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