Friday, December 17, 2010

The One Where I Feel Guilty (even though it wasn't my fault)

Christmas means LOTS of parties with LOTS of goodies, so I made up a HUGE batch of Christmas cake balls for a few different things: a cookie exchange, my brother's youth group party, and my mom's work party. I made 2 kinds - white cake with white frosting, and white cake with mint chocolate frosting (just add a little mint extract to store bought chocolate frosting - make sure to get the kind with box tops for me!). Then, to make them a little more festive, I decided to add mini candy canes. For the mint chocolate ones, I used a candy cane stick to dip them, and then left it in. I think they kind of look like Christmas ornaments...
Then I decided to do a little stress relief by putting the rest of the candy canes into a little plastic baggie and slamming it onto the counter to make even smaller pieces (I was a little alarmed by how much I enjoyed this part)!

Next I made little piles of the candy cane crumbs, dipped the cake balls, and put them on top of the candy canes. After they hardened, I turned them over, and they looked super cute!

When they were all done, I put Kim (yay, home from Africa!) in charge of arranging them, and here they are, looking all festive and Christmas-y... 
I thought after this that I was done with cake balls for a while, but when I went to work on Thursday for our holiday potluck lunch, I realized I was wrong. This is where the guilt comes in...Even though I had made delicious mini pumpkin cheesecakes to share, I was yelled at for not bringing cake balls! Apparently someone (not me) had promised there would be cake balls (made by me), so they were expecting cake balls! So, to make everyone happy, I went home and made a new batch. They turned out just as cute, especially when I wrapped them up in cute Christmas bags to give to the people who complained the most!

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