Monday, September 12, 2011

Chocolate-Cherry Brownie Balls

A while back, I read (on someone's blog) about chocolate cherry brownies, made with just a cake mix and a can of cherry pie filling. She raved about how moist and delicious the brownies turned out. This got me to dad loves cherry desserts, but never gets any because no one else in the family likes them. As a special treat, I decided to make these cherry brownies. So I gathered up my 2 ingredients, mixed them together and threw the mixture into a brownie pan.

35 minutes later, the brownies were not turning out quite like I wanted them to...10 minutes later, not done yet, and 5 minutes after that they still didn't seem all the way cooked, but I had had enough, so I took them out anyway. I let the brownies cool for a little while, then cut in to see what the middle looked like. It was super moist, but also super gummy. That didn't seem quite right to me, and I almost just threw them away. UNTIL...I got the great idea to make them into brownie balls!

They were already so gummy that they didn't need any frosting to hold them together. And, look! You can see the actual pieces of cherry sticking out! Then all I had to do was dip them in some chocolate almond bark, and...

Tah-Dah! Chocolate-Cherry Brownie Balls!

Now I didn't really like these, but my dad ate quite a few of them. He said they were really good mixed into his cherry garcia ice cream!

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