Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Little Man Chipwiches

When I was planning dessert for my sister's baby shower, I knew the one thing we had to have was chipwiches. {A chipwich is a cookie sandwich with ice cream in the middle.} Here's why we had to have them: One day my sister (who hasn't really craved a whole lot during her pregnancy) really wanted a chipwich. She and her husband went to Culvers (where they have the best chipwiches) to get one and were told "No, we don't have those anymore". It was a sad, sad day. Aimee was so upset that they actually had to go to Jewel to buy cookies and ice cream to make their own chipwiches. So I knew we had to have them at the shower!

I wanted the chipwiches to go with the little man theme, so I ordered two different cookie cutters from Off the Beaten Path. Seriously, if you ever need any hard to find cookie cutters, look there. They have so many different kinds for super cheap, and their customer service department is so helpful if you have any problems ordering. I ordered a moustache and a tie. The plan was to bake chocolate chip bar cookies, then cut out moustaches and ties for the cookie sandwiches. This was a great plan until I actually did it and the cookies turned out really thick and it wasted a lot of cookie. In the end, I decorated the moustaches and ties, then made regular chocolate chip cookies for the chipwiches. I think it all turned out pretty great!

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