Tuesday, January 17, 2012

School Year Sweet Treats Club

Everyone knows college kids like to get packages. And everyone knows those packages are even better if they are filled with homemade treats, right? That's where the idea for the School Year Sweet Treats Club came from.

Actually, it was not my idea. My mom came up with the idea, but you know she won't be the one baking all of the treats! Our friend who goes to school in Maryland just had a birthday, so instead of the usual kind of birthday present, we came up with this fun idea to send a package of homemade goodies each month. Here's what the membership card looked like:

The first treat was a box of cake balls delivered at the birthday celebration.

Stay tuned for next month's sweet treat. Any suggestions for what it should be?


Eric and Carol: said...

Oh my goodness.... This is a fantastic idea, pretty sure this would have been exactly what I would have wanted when I was in college, and DEFINATELY sure this is something I would love to have now :)

Rachel said...

This was my FAVORITE gift! EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED!!!!!!! Those cakeballs didnt last too long in the Kershner household tho!!!!