Thursday, October 11, 2012

A few of my favorite things...

Today I was at a training for our writing program at school. The presenter asked us if we considered ourselves writers. She gave the examples of keeping a journal or writing a blog. I thought to myself, I guess I am a writer. Then I came home and looked at my blog and realized that I haven't posted anything new since August! I revised my thinking to: I guess I am a delinquent writer.

[To be fair, I did recently lose all of the pictures that were on my phone, including some tasty treats that I wanted to blog about. Lucky me, my dad magically found them on my phone tonight, so I guess I have no more excuses.]

Anyway, here I go, trying to be a real writer, instead of a delinquent one...

A few weeks ago, my friends at school organized a favorite things party - you've probably seen it on Pinterest. Everyone brings 4 of their favorite things to the party. When you get there, you put your name in a bowl 4 times and then you pick out 4 names and give those people your favorite thing.

I had a really hard time deciding what to bring for my favorite thing. Then I looked in my cabinets and found out that, apparently, my favorite things are bowls and sprinkles.

See what I mean?
I literally have an entire cabinet in my kitchen full of bowls.
Plus 2 containers full of sprinkles.

To combine bowls and sprinkles, I bought 4 of my favorite bowls from anthropologie and filled them up with cake balls decorated with lots of different colored sprinkles!

Definitely two of my favorite things!

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