Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Brownie Points!

Lately in First Grade, we've been playing a little game when we come in after lunch and when we line up to go home. The game is pretty simple: If the kiddos can do it quietly, they earn a brownie point. If they are too loud or crazy, no points. When they fill up the pan with "brownies", I make some tasty treats for them to enjoy the next day.

To play the game, we use 12 brown construction paper squares with magnets on the back and a small cookie tray. My mom thought this was hilarious when she saw it. Good thing the kids couldn't hear her laughing so hard, because they take these brownie points very seriously!

I was pretty excited when they filled up the pan because
  1. I get to sneak some brownies before the kids get them. 
  2. I LOVE baking brownies in my Perfect Brownie Pan!
If you haven't seen this pan, it's great because it makes all of your brownies the same size and cuts them for you! The only thing you have to remember is to use A LOT of cooking spray before, otherwise you'll have a little trouble getting the brownies out at the end! The pan is really easy to use, too. All you do is pour the batter in, then shove the grid down on top of it all.

The brownies come out all gooey and chewy and the same size, so none of the little munchkins say "Why is mine so small?" After eating these tasty treats, all they can say is "Wow, you are the best teacher ever. Where did you get the recipe for these brownies? (Um...on the back of the box!) You are so pretty and nice!" Aww, thanks guys. (Really, this was our actual conversation as they ate their brownies today.)

P.S. Don't forget to buy the ones with the BoxTops!


Katie Chabot said...

If I were still teaching I would steal this idea! That is fantastic Allison!!! Way to be creative and have great classroom management. :) Also, I have been collecting box tops all year (it's ingrained in me now) so if you want them, I'd be happy to mail them to you. Send me your address (Facebook message perhaps)! :)

Jen said...

That is such a clever idea! I can just imagine how seriously the kiddos take this, too. I love it! And really, any excuse to eat brownies is a good one, haha. :)

Thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway!

Aimee said...

I didn't see this til now. I kinda LOVE it. And believe it or not, I think it would work with my junior highers too! Haha. I just might have to try it after Spring Break.