Sunday, March 20, 2011

Puppy Pops

My favorite little girl in the world just had her 2nd birthday party on Saturday! Last year, her mom, my sister, and I made an amazing and elaborate cake/cupcake display when she turned one.

Pretty good, right? Well, this year, baby number 2 arrived a week before her birthday, so I was left on my own to top last year's cake. For Christmas, my sister gave me a great cakepop recipe book and I found the cutest puppy pops to make. They were a little complicated, so I got my sister to help out.

We started out mostly making a disaster - just a few little things, like breaking bowls, dumping chocolate on the floor, failed dipping attempts, etc...

But after we got the hang of it, I think they turned out pretty great!

Here's the simple version of how to make them:
  1. Make any flavor cakeballs. (Check here for cakeball directions)
  2. Using lollipop sticks, dip the cakeballs in either white or milk chocolate.
  3. Use some of the melted chocolate to add a lifesaver for the collar. It helps to slide it up the stick first, then put chocolate on the bottom of the cakeball.
  4. Make the ears by piping some of the melted chocolate in a teardrop shape onto a plastic spoon. Put the spoons in the freezer to harden for a couple of minutes, then pop the ears off. Attach the ears using some of the melted chocolate.
  5. Cut some brown mini M&M's in half, then add one for the nose.
  6. Using an edible ink pen, draw the eyes and mouth.
When they were all finished, we stuck them into a Portillo's chocolate cake - Yum! We also made some cakeball candles, which I think were almost as cute as the puppies!

And I'm pretty sure the birthday girl loved her puppy pops, too!


Aimee said...

CUTE pictures! Love it.

Beverly @ said...

Your puppy cake pops are so stinkin' cute!!! I love them - I'm sharing on the FB page! Thanks for linking up to Think Pink Sundays!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Soooo flipping cute!!! Lots of blood sweat and tears to make those beauties!

Erin said...

These are so cute!

Tammy @ she wears flowers said...

These are so cute! I wish I had seen this last fall when I did my daughter's dog party. Definitely one for the files! Thanks!

(Sharing on FB ;)

Kitty said...

precious! Love this idea!! Thanks so much for sharing it with me!