Monday, July 11, 2011

Fourth of July Decorations: Star-Spangled Banners

I've been seeing all of these super cute fabric banners all over blog-land and finally decided the perfect time to make one would be for the 4th of July party. I found all of this great patriotic fabric and then enlisted my mom's sewing help!

Once I got my mom on board, it was a pretty easy project. First we made a pattern for the triangles, then cut them out with pinking sheers (no hemming!)

When all of the flags were cut out, using all of the different fabrics, we attached them to our red ribbon. We used paper clips for the first banner, because that's what we had (the pins were far away upstairs). When we actually sewed them on, we found out it was easier to not pin them on at all, but just place them on the ribbon as we went.

I didn't put the flags on in any certain order, but just randomly placed them. The banners turned out pretty great, and added lots of festive-ness to the backyard for our party!

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