Thursday, July 28, 2011

VBS Snacks: Snickerdoodles

This is the snickerdoodle recipe I use to make cookies with the 1st graders at school every year. Now you know it's easy, because if 1st graders can follow it, so can you!

Here's what you need:

And here's what you do:

And here are a few notes:

1. I never chill the cookie sheet, so don't worry about it.

2. I do chill the dough, but just not for too long, otherwise the cinnamon sugar won't stick.

3. Even if they don't look done after 10 minutes, take the cookies out of the oven - they will be soft and delicious!


1 comment:

Aimee said...

I use 3 tsp. of Baking Powder to replace the baking soda & cream of tartar.

(I'm commenting, so I don't have to go look it up next time I make these..... AND to help anyone else who doesn't have cream of tartar in the kitchen!)