Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bakery Buzz: Gelati

It's not technically a bakery, but it's close. Gelati is a cute little gelato shop in Naperville, IL. I have been a little bit obsessed with gelato ever since I spent spring break last year in Italy. I ate gelato almost everyday while I was there, and ate more than 15 different flavors. There are gelato shops everywhere in Italy and each one will give you samples of the different flavors and the best part is that you can get 3 flavors in one cup! There are so many different flavors, you can't possibly choose just one.

So when I heard about Gelati, I knew I had to find out if it could live up to my Italian gelato experience. And guess what? It was just about as good as in Italy! At Gelati, there were plenty of flavors to choose from. Lots of the flavors had Italian names, some of which I remembered! There were interesting flavors, like chocolate hazelnut, and regular ones, like chocolate chip. And, just like in Italy, you could get more than one flavor in a cup!

I think we liked it!

The next time you're in Naperville, check them out:

24 W Jefferson Ave
Naperville, IL 60540

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