Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Birthday Cake CakeBalls

I know, it looks like a typo in the title...but really, these are birthday cake cakeballs. As in, the cakeballs are shaped like little birthday cakes. See what I mean?

I made these for my good friend who teaches in Africa. Her birthday is today, but she had to leave for Africa a few weeks ago. We had a little pre-birthday party for her and celebrated with these birthday cake cakeballs!

To make these cute little things, all I did was scoop out some cake balls, then kind of smoosh them down into a cake shape. After that, I dipped each one into melted white chocolate and covered them with sprinkles and/or stuck a candle in the top!

You can even light the candles and sing Happy Birthday with these little guys!

Happy Birthday, Kim!


Kim said...

I feel honored and loved making the blog! LOVE YOU AL!!!

PS - Birthday Cake Cakeballs are AMAZING!!!

Anonymous said...

I love these - Happy Birthday Kim! Love Sue

Natalie said...

These are to stinkin cute!!

Kerry Rossow said...

Three words- COME TO MAMA!
These are so dern cute and they look soooo yummy!
Kerry at

Hollie - said...

These are adorable!

Katy said...

Love these, I am so making them soon!