Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy Blog-versary to ME!

Wow! I just (as in right now, today) realized that this is my blog-versary. I almost missed it! I should have a great giveaway or be baking something AMAZING to celebrate...But, this past week was the first week back to school and let me tell you, teaching has worn me out this week! So instead of a big bloggy celebration, I'll just post the top five of my favorite things I've baked this year. Here we go...

5. Nutter Butter Suprise Cupcakes (original post here)

4. Strawberry Yogurt Parfait Cupcakes (original post here)

3. Christmas Star Cupcakes (original post here)

2. Banana-Nutella Whoopie Pies (original post here)

1. Puppy Pops (original post here) and Easter Chick Pops (original post here) It's a tie for the number one spot, I couldn't pick just one!

 Hope you've enjoyed reading about my treats as much as I've enjoyed making them!

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